Become A Retailer


Distinguish Your Store through Quality

Add some variety to your dairy section and give your customers something they’ll keep coming back for! Buckeye Country Creamery has an exclusive list of retailers because we believe supporting local, small businesses keep our community’s economies thriving.

Partnering with us means your investing in a product that gives back. Becoming a retailer is quick and easy as we do all the work!

CONTACT US- It is as easy as sending us and email or giving us a call. or 419-651-5868

SAMPLE OUR PRODUCTS- We bring you a sample of product so you can taste the Buckeye Country Creamery difference for yourself.

ORDER OUR PRODUCT-With every order we will personally bring you product to your store and cater to you and your stores needs.

FOLLOW UP-We want to know how you and your customers are enjoying B.C.C. products. We check in and hear your feelings and how we can improve our creamery.