What Can Buckeye Country Creamery Bring to Your Store?

February 23, 2018

Milk is common grocery item that can be found in nearly every deli, grocery and corner store. What's the benefits of adding another dairy selection to your case?

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Where to Find BCC Milk: Kidron Town and Country Store

February 12, 2018

Nestled in, next to the sale barn in Kidron sits the Kidron Town and Country Store. Located at 4959 Kidron Road you will find a full line grocery store. Shelves stocked full of bulk foods and a complete deli counter are also available to customers.

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A2 Milk Protein Explained

January 16, 2018

A2. It's a sticker on all of the containers of milk that leave our creamery. While you may have seen this label on dairy products from Buckeye Country Creamery, do you know what they mean?

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5 Fast Facts About A2

January 16, 2018

As a customer of Buckeye Country Creamery you may have noticed on all of our labels that the milk we produce is A2 milk. So what exactly is A2 milk? Here are 5 fast facts about A2 milk.a

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The Benefit of Local

January 16, 2018

One of the biggest trends in food at the moment is using locally produced ingredients. A lot of weight can be put on knowing the source of your food. Dairy is no different. Luckily, Buckeye Country Creamery is carried by many retailers in Nothern Ohi

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A2A2.... We produce it!

August 29, 2016

A2A2 comes from cows that have a specific DNA gene. Cows with the A2 gene produce milk that is free of the A1 beta casein protein. Buckeye Country Creamery has gone the extra mile to DNA test their cows to determine which ones are A2 cows.

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