5 Fast Facts About A2

January 16, 2018

As a customer of Buckeye Country Creamery you may have noticed on all of our labels that the milk we produce is A2 milk. So what exactly is A2 milk?  Here are 5 fast facts about A2 milk.

  1. Many people who are "self diagnosed" as lactose intolerant actually have problems digesting the protein in milk. A2 can help with this.
  2. A2 milk contains a shorter protein than regular milk. The shorter protein chain is more easily digestible.
  3. All that is needed to determine which cows carry the A2 gene is a simple genetic test. The test doesn't cause any stress to the cow.
  4. A2 milk eliminates or lessens common digestive disturbances caused by consuming regular milk.
  5. A2 milk is an affordable and delicious choice for those who have problems digesting dairy products.

At Buckeye Country Creamery we have several dairy products made from A2 milk for you to enjoy! While we carry regular and flavored milks, we also have an array of drinkable yogurts as well as mozzarella cheese. Please share with us how A2 milk has helped you once again enjoy dairy products! 

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