A2 Milk Protein Explained

January 16, 2018

A2. It's a sticker on all of the containers of milk that leave our creamery. While you may have seen this label on dairy products from Buckeye Country Creamery, do you know what they mean?

All milk is a great source of affordable protein. However some people have a hard time digesting the protein that is found in milk. These difficulties make themselves known as uncomfortable digestive disturbances. Many people automatically assume they are lactose intolerant and quit consuming dairy products. This can be disappointing for many who regularly enjoy dairy in their diet.

Milk carries 2 protein genes, A1 and A2. The most commonly found is A1. A1 is a longer protein sequence. The sequence in the A2 gene is shorter. This shorter sequence makes the milk containing the A2 protein more readily digestible for a larger number of people. Thus greatly reducing, if not completely eliminating, dairy related digestive problems.

A simple hair test is all that is used to determine which of our cows carry the A2 gene. Once we have determined a cow is carrying the A2 gene, she lives in a specified group in the barn. We only process milk from cows in our A2 group. Its important to note that all of our cows recieve the same care and diet regardless of which group they live in. The milk from the cows carting the A1 gene is processed at Minerva Cheese.

Currently the creamery has milk, drinkable yogurt and mozzarella cheese made from A2 milk. Please feel free to share with us how A2 milk has allowed you to enjoy dairy in your diet again! If you don't see our A2 milk at your local grocer, feel free to ask about it so they know a demand is there with their patrons.

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