What Can Buckeye Country Creamery Bring to Your Store?

February 23, 2018

Milk is common grocery item that can be found in nearly every deli, grocery and corner store. What's the benefits of adding another dairy selection to your case? 

  • Milk from Buckeye Country Creamery is delivered fresh weekly. As a local product we can guarantee freshness of our product. Milk can go from one of our cows to a bottle on the store shelf in less than 24 hours!
  • 6 Months of a guaranteed sales. This means for the first 6 months our product is on your store shelf, we will buy back left over product before it expires. It's virtually risk free for you to put Buckeye Country Creamery on your shelf!
  • No contracts! If you don't need to order one week, no big deal. We can resume delivery as needed. We also have no minimum orders. If you want to try a small selection to get start that's perfectly ok with us.
  • Assistance with marketing. Placing a new product in a store successfully can take work. We're here to help! Flyers and posters are available for display in your dairy case. We also offer tastings so customers can sample new products. Social media marketing is also utilized with Facebook and blog features.
  • Friendly Service. The staff at Buckeye Country Creamery is always available to answer questions during business hours. Don't hesitate to call!

Don't hesitate to add Buckey Country Creamery products to your dairy case! It will be a decision you will be glad you made.

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