Our Team

Our Happy Cows Say Hello!

happy cowsLet's not forget the special members of our team who actually MAKE the milk in the first place! Our dairy cows are treated like family here.  Our cows are happy, comfortable and fed right. Our cows are milked twice daily and have access all the time to clean water, a clean stall to lay in and a fresh balanced diet mixed daily. When the weather is nice they can graze in the pasture. 

Our lovely bovines are Holsteins, Brown Swiss and Jerseys.  Happy cows produce great tasting milk, it's as simple as that! 

Becoming a retailer lets your business get involved with the happenings here at Buckeye Country Creamery. We work with you and provide samples, flavor options, and even stock your shelves for you! 

Distinguish your store through Quality! Give our milk a try and experience goodness & Wholesomeness for yourself.