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Welcome to Buckeye Country Creamery! Meet our Family...

Our products come exclusively from our small herd.

Our milk is produced and bottled on our farm allowing us to get it to your table faster than our competitors. 

We take pride in the work we do providing premium Grade A milk and dairy products from our farm straight to your table. We are three generations working together sharing the responsibilities around the farm and the creamery. We love what we do, and we are so confident in our products that we have included in our daily diet for over 25 years.


Our cows are happy, comfortable, and fed right. Our girls are milked twice daily and have access all the time to clean water, a clean stall and a fresh balanced diet mixed daily. Our lovely bovines are Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Jerseys.      


                                               A2A2 comes from cows that have a specific DNA gene. Cows with the A2 gene produce milk that is free of the A1 beta casein protein. BCC has gone the extra mile to DNA test their cows to determine which ones are A2 cows.  

Our milk is vat pasteurized and non homogenized which means the cream rises to the top just like Grandma's used to! Make sure you give your bottle a good shake before you gulp it down! Give our milk a try and experience something great!