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The Buckeye Country Creamery family owned farm is proud to say that it’s exclusive ‘cow to cup’ milk and other dairy products are more digestible and contain more nutritional value than most ‘off the shelf’ milk brands……Anyone wanting to drink BETTER milk should try Buckeye Country Creamery!

How can we make this claim? Read on…..

 "As a lactose intolerant person, I've avoided milk for over ten years. I was amazed that Buckeye Country Creamery's A2 milk caused no negative symptoms: no bloating, cramping, or nausea. It tasted great and made me feel great too!" 

                                                   Megan Michel, family friend and neighbor

"When you first came to Bellevue to demo your milk, I happened to be at Bassetts Market.  You offered me a sample which I refused.  I am sure you have encountered a "lactose intolerant" milk paranoid before.  I have since educated myself and have switched to your milk.  It seems lactose was never the issue.  As my implies I am Mediterranean and am blessed with milk intolerance.  But not your milk.  Thank you for allowing me to enjoy one of life's small pleasures."

                                                      George Kalpakidis

The Buckeye Country Creamery takes pride in producing premium, natural and American made dairy products. We produce REAL whole milk exclusively from our own cows, which are selected, because they have a natural protein (A2) not commonly found in all cows. The result is Buckeye milk that’s easier to digest. 

The Buckeye A2 milk is also processed exclusively in our own creamery operations on the farm. Our milk is ‘Vat Pasteurized’ at lower temperatures, which takes longer, but preserves more of the natural milk enzymes and proteins that are largely destroyed in normal, commercially produced milk…this also means the cream rises to the top just like Grandma's used to! Make sure you give your bottle a good shake before you gulp it down! 

Buckeye offers a wide variety of better digestible and more nutritional products including Flavored Milk, Yogurt, Mozzarella cheese, and so much more.....We even make special A2 Soap! 

Buckeye Country is especially proud to now be offering a newly formulated Buckeye product, All Natural Chocolate Milk for athletes!


This is a major new development in the milk world & our special chocolate milk is attracting a lot of attention in the world of high performance athletes.  With all its natural properties and health benefits, our all Chocolate milk can provide ALL athletes with a competitive edge…..Even those athletes who experience complications from drinking regular chocolate milk!

Buckeye Chocolate Milk for athletes is intended to help Trainers and Health professionals within the Athletic community maximize all the nutritional, Recovery & HYDRATION benefits for ALL their athletes.

 Don’t just take our word for it…TRY IT! We are confident in the products we’ve developed and trust you will be too! In fact, we’re so confident in our products that we drink them everyday ourselves.  Check out our ‘Products’ section of the Web Site for more details.


What’s behind Buckeye Country Creamery?

We're an American heartland family business making a difference in not only our milk products, but our community. The Buckeye Creamery team assures you that we never compromise on quality. We love what we do and for over 25 years, we have brought local, American made real whole milk from our farm straight to your door. 

 Rewards come with hard work and we at Buckeye Country Creamery spend each day improving our products and taking care of the herd. You don't need to add chemicals to milk to make the milk taste better; you just need to make sure your cows are happy!!

 Why are Buckeye Creamery ‘Special Milk’ and our ‘Vat Pasteurization’ so special?

Buckeye Country Creamery exclusively produces ‘A2 milk’

We offer A2 Milk & related dairy products. Just look for the symbol on our label! ‘A2’ is a natural protein found in selected cows. A2 is known as the ORIGINAL milk protein. The other natural protein found in cows is the ‘A1’ gene. The A1 protein evolved as a gene mutation over centuries of breeding. At Lahmers Farm & Buckeye Country Creamery, we DNA test our beautiful Bovines to know which cows produce the A2 protein in their milk.

This ‘A2 Milk’ is known to be easier on your digestive tract and have a multitude of other natural health benefits. Many who normally cannot drink milk without a negative side effect can drink our exclusive A2 Milk!

   Let’s explain ‘Vat Pasteurization’ & its benefits

Many people who have been told they are lactose-intolerant CAN drink Buckeye Country Creamery milk without any problems. This is because our milk contains the digestive enzyme lactase. When you don't have lactase to help break down the milk sugar lactose, the human body cannot ingest the milk sugar as easily.

Our milk is pasteurized to retain a high enzyme concentration in our low-temperature vat pasteurization process. Unfortunately, most milk processors utilize a standard high-temperature pasteurization technique that also destroys beneficial enzymes (lactase is one of these) in the process. Without them, milk can be difficult to digest.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our products, process or the farm. 

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Our self serve store is open daily 10-7 and if you would like to tour the farm simply give us a call to schedule a tour!