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   Wholesomeness by The Glass

Hard work comes with rewards. Each day our family is out taking care of our small herd of Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Jerseys. You don't need to add chemicals to milk to make it taste better, you just need to make sure your cows are happy. That's what we do, no tamping necessary. Make your customers happy with the products you offer in your store. We're a family business making a difference in not only our milk products, but our community. 

Our products come exclusively from our small herd. Our milk is produced and bottled on our farm allowing us to get it to your table faster than our competitors. 

Our cows are happy, comfortable, and fed right. Our girls are milked twice daily and have access all the time to clean water, a clean stall to lay in and fresh balanced diet mixed daily, specifically calibrated for their age and lactation status. When the weather is nice they can graze in the pasture. Our lovely bovines are Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Jerseys.

Our milk is vat pasteurized and non homogenized which means the cream rises to the top just like Grandma's used to! Make sure you give your bottle a good shake before you gulp it down! Give our milk a try and experience something great! 

Grade A Milk

Our milk comes from the most sanitary conditions possible. We oversee the entire process from milking the cows to stocking your store shelves.

BPA Free Packaging

Whether you're pouring a glass of chocolate milk for your kids or use our milk for everyday cooking, know that we use BPA free packaging to keep you healthy.

Vat Pasteurized

Many people who have been told they are lactose-intolerant CAN drink Buckeye Country Creamery LLC milk without any problems.This is because our milk contains the digestive enzyme lactase. When you don't have lactase to help break down the milk sugar lactose, the human body cannot take in the milk sugar.

How is this done you ask?
Our milk is pasteurized to retain a high enzyme concentration in our low-temperature vat pasteurization process. Unfortunately, most milk processors utilize a standard high-temperature pasteurization technique that also destroys beneficial enzymes (lactase is one of these) in the process. Without them, milk can be difficult to digest.


Did you know that Buckeye Country Creamery' LLC has A2/A2 milk available?

Milk is about 85% water. The remaining 15% is the milk sugar lactose, protein, fat, and minerals. The protein portion is 80% casein and 20% whey. Beta-casein is 30% of the total protein content in milk, or about 30% of the total protein content in cow’s milk. Cows carry genes that produce specific proteins in the milk these are A1/A1 or A2/A2. One form of the beta casein is A1 which is the most common the other form is A2 is considered the most “natural” form. When proteins are digested, bioactive peptides can be released. These peptides are thought to be much more commonly released when the A1 beta casein is released then A2 beta casein. Therefore those that appear to have digestion sensitivity to A1 milk, may be able to tolerate A2 milk.


"As a lactose intolerant person, I've avoided milk for over ten years. I was amazed that Buckeye Country Creamery's A2 milk caused no negative symptoms: no bloating, cramping, or nausea. It tasted great and made me feel great too!" 

                                                   Megan Michel, family friend and neighbor


Healthier, Better, Friendlier

Happy cows2A day on our farm is well spent. We dedicate our time and effort to ensuring your dairy products are not only wholesome, but refreshing.

When you sell a product, you're selling a stance you've taken on proper animal treatment and the product quality you're selling to customers. Give them what they want, a wholesome, natural milk that came from cows raised with love. Animals are people too, and we love each member of our Buckeye Country Creamery family. 

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our bottling process or the farm. 

Come visit us! Our self serve store is open daily 10-7 and if you would like to tour the farm simply give us a call to schedule a tour!

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