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Whole, 2%, Skim

Non-GMO & A2A2 Milk, Drinkable Yogurt & More​



A2A2 Whole Milk

Our nutritious whole milk comes in 12oz, half gallons, and gallons.


A2A2 2% Milk

Our 2% milk comes in 12oz, half gallons, and gallons.


A2A2 Skim Milk

Our Skim milk comes in half gallons and gallons.


A2A2 Chocolate Milk

Our delicious Chocolate Milk comes in 12 oz, half gallons, and gallons.

Cold Brew Latte


A2A2 Cold Brew Latte

Salt Creek Coffee Cold Brew Latte with A2A2 milk, comes in a 12oz bottle.


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A2A2 Heavy Cream

Our delicious Heavy Cream makes a great addition to your morning coffee! It comes in 12oz and half gallons.

Butter & Ice Cream

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A2A2 Milkhouse

Our A2A2 butter is perfect for baking, cooking, or spreading on bread. We carry both salted and garlic herb butter. It comes in a half pound container.

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A2A2 Ice Cream

With a wide variety of flavors, you're sure to find something you love! We carry pint and half gallon sizes, with 3 gallon pails available on request. A few of our most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, buckeye, oreo, cookie dough, and mint chocolate chip. Ask us for a complete list!

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A2A2 Orange Cream Milk

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